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TW Guild Rankings

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1Stars (25)Crystalpine Stinger7/7 (H)35561.67
2是你的問題還是我的問題 (10)Menethil7/7 (H)34971.65
3如果 宅 (10)Howling Fjord7/7 (H)32106.68
4Wings of Aurora (10)Howling Fjord7/7 (H)32106.11
5自由羽翼 (25)Silverwing Hold7/7 (H)31862.22
6Legend of defiler (25)Stormscale7/7 (H)31837.21
7Aurora (10)Howling Fjord7/7 (H)31740.56
8神樣 (25)Wrathbringer7/7 (H)31426.67
9Armageddon (10)Sartharion7/7 (H)30886.67
10Asgard (25)Nightsong7/7 (H)30533.89
11Nirvana (25)Quel'dorei7/7 (H)30370.56
12墜星海 (10)Balnazzar7/7 (H)30118.89
13M o M o T e A (10)Sundown Marsh7/7 (H)30078.88
14錵花異族 非誠勿擾 (10)Gnomeregan7/7 (H)30048.89
15Immortal Armageddon (10)Dragonmaw7/7 (H)29968.88
16湮滅神跡 (10)Spirestone7/7 (H)29933.34
17Angelcity (10)World Tree7/7 (H)29898.89
18Play for Uber (10)Sundown Marsh7/7 (H)29882.21
19Final Dawn (25)Frostmane7/7 (H)29807.77
20Dragon Soul (10)Arthas7/7 (H)29570.00
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    Challenge Mode Times
    5 months ago
    As many people ask, posting it here.
    Current status of Mythic Dungeons time records (old challenge mode):
    WoWProgress gets challenge mode times from region data, thus challenge mode is not updated on individual character update. This needs to be fixed and we are going to fix it soon.

    There is no Mythic+ Level in API yet, we have to wait.
    Comments: 52
    Mythic+ Experience in Character Profiles
    5 months ago
    Character pages now include Mythic+ experience info!
    You can use it to check players when you form your Mythic+ groups.
    Comments: 74
    Artifact Power Rankings
    5 months ago
    WoWProgress now provides Artifact Power Rankings!

    Characters are ranked by total artifact power acquired, including offspecs.
    Comments: 3
    Basics: My guild is not listed
    6 months ago
    I'm receiving questions about guilds being not listed. Here is a short article to help you find or add your guild on WoWProgress.
    Comments: 20
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