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TW Mythic Progress

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1AsgardTW-Nightsong9/9 (M)
2FortuneTW-Shadowmoon9/9 (M)
3眾神黎明TW-Bleeding Hollow9/9 (M)
4Dawn ForceTW-Arthas9/9 (M)
5Clown ReturnTW-Bleeding Hollow9/9 (M)
6月刃TW-Arygos9/9 (M)
7正常發揮TW-Shadowmoon9/9 (M)
8Punishment of AsiaTW-Spirestone9/9 (M)
9HardModeTW-Sundown Marsh9/9 (M)
10SnowElysiumTW-Arygos9/9 (M)
11Daybreak DawnTW-World Tree9/9 (M)
12知行合一TW-Dragonmaw9/9 (M)
13Wrath of TyrantsTW-Shadowmoon9/9 (M)
14InvincibleTW-Chillwind Point9/9 (M)
15BestBBTWTW-Wrathbringer9/9 (M)
16OopsTW-Wrathbringer9/9 (M)
17LiliumTW-Wrathbringer9/9 (M)
18WindRoseTW-Chillwind Point9/9 (M)
19世界搖籃TW-Frostmane9/9 (M)
20極限鐵盒TW-Zealot Blade9/9 (M)
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Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor

M: Champion of the Light 236 (31.51%)
M: Jadefire Masters 176 (23.50%)
M: Grong 174 (23.23%)
M: Opulence 140 (18.69%)
M: Mekkatorque 98 (13.08%) Mekkatorque Mythic videos
M: Conclave of the Chosen 131 (17.49%)
M: Stormwall Blockade 86 (11.48%)
M: King Rastakhan 118 (15.75%)
M: Lady Jaina Proudmoore 66 (8.81%) Lady Jaina Proudmoore Mythic videos

Heroic Battle of Dazar'alor

H: Champion of the Light 477 (63.68%)
H: Jadefire Masters 449 (59.95%)
H: Grong 458 (61.15%)
H: Opulence 437 (58.34%)
H: Mekkatorque 316 (42.19%)
H: Conclave of the Chosen 405 (54.07%)
H: Stormwall Blockade 301 (40.19%)
H: King Rastakhan 386 (51.54%)
H: Lady Jaina Proudmoore 266 (35.51%)

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    Removing non-active WoW characters
    2 years ago
    Due to the updated Blizzard API Policy, we have to refresh all the characters no less frequently than every 30 days. At the moment WoWProgress updates members of active raiding guilds several times a month. Characters that are not members of such guilds most probably will be removed from our database if you don't update them manually.
    If a character was deleted (or moved) by the player, we also have to remove it from our database.
    Comments: 21
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