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US-Ragnaros Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
21Never Say Never (10)4/5 (heroic)761440.00
22No Drama4/5 (heroic)762140.00
23GODFATHERS4/5 (heroic)770840.00
24Class Trainer4/5 (heroic)801440.00
25I Dont Want Mermas4/5 (heroic)866340.00
26Revelation4/5 (heroic)875840.00
27Juan Chot (25)2/5 (heroic)904236.56
28Wrath of the Betra..2/5 (heroic)970225.67
29Omicron Persei Ocho1/5 (heroic)984224.00
30Oblivion3/5 (heroic)1016722.50
31Exitium (10)3/5 (heroic)1051122.50
32PeruTm3/5 (heroic)1126522.50
33Unknown Entity (10/25)2/5 (heroic)1157520.22
34Veridis Quo (10)2/5 (heroic)1182717.50
35Seék and Destroy2/5 (heroic)1192317.50
36BOSS (10/25)2/5 (heroic)1216117.50
37Media Pila1/5 (heroic)1339214.56
38Indomitus5/5 (normal) +Ony1372712.65
39Ludo Patas Corp (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony1385112.59
40Lok tar Ogar (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony1419412.49


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