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1LimitUS-Illidan7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
2Ego (r)OC-Saurfang7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
3Easy (r)US-Mal'Ganis7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
4HonestlyOC-Frostmourne7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
5Encore (r)US-Illidan7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
6Alacrity (r)US-Stormrage7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
7WHATEVER WERE AWES.. (r)US-Magtheridon7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
8Strawberry Puppy K.. (r)US-Area 527/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
9Big Dumb Guild (r)US-Illidan7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
10ReckoningUS-Mannoroth7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
11vodkaz (r)US-Zul'jin7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
12Nurfed (r)US-Tichondrius7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
13Vision (r)US-Kel'Thuzad7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
14Incarnate (r)US-Ner'zhul7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
15MightUS-Zul'jin7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
16AK (r)US-Cenarius7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
17Gulch TrottersOC-Frostmourne7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
18Dsylxeic (r)US-Drenden7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
19ZingUS-Illidan7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
20Formality (r)US-Proudmoore7/7 (M) 3/3 (M) 10/10 (M)
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Players looking for Mythic Plus Dungeons

M+ Score: 1699.75
M+ Score Tank: 1698.43
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys22 minutes ago
M+ Score DPS: 1991.58Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys1 hour ago
M+ Score: 1506.15
M+ Score Tank: 1306.54
Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys1 hour ago
M+ Score DPS: 2159.12Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys2 hours ago
M+ Score DPS: 2005.43Looking for group to push high Mythic Plus keys2 hours ago
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Players started looking for guilds

2 hours ago
3 hours ago
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
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Mythic The Nighthold

M: Skorpyron 4494 (18.20%) Skorpyron Mythic videos
M: Chronomatic Anomaly 3667 (14.85%) Chronomatic Anomaly Mythic videos
M: Trilliax 3441 (13.94%) Trilliax Mythic videos
M: Spellblade Aluriel 1773 (7.18%) Spellblade Aluriel Mythic videos
M: Tichondrius 1720 (6.97%) Tichondrius Mythic videos
M: Krosus 2460 (9.96%) Krosus Mythic videos
M: High Botanist Tel'arn 1404 (5.69%) High Botanist Tel'arn Mythic videos
M: Star Augur Etraeus 1126 (4.56%) Star Augur Etraeus Mythic videos
M: Grand Magistrix Elisande 822 (3.33%) Grand Magistrix Elisande Mythic videos
M: Gul'dan 591 (2.39%) Gul'dan Mythic videos

Mythic Trial of Valor

M: Odyn 2002 (8.11%) Odyn Mythic videos
M: Guarm 2002 (8.11%) Guarm Mythic videos
M: Helya 662 (2.68%) Helya Mythic videos

Mythic The Emerald Nightmare

M: Nythendra 6734 (27.27%) Nythendra Mythic videos
M: Elerethe Renferal 4806 (19.47%) Elerethe Renferal Mythic videos
M: Il'gynoth 3376 (13.67%) Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption Mythic videos
M: Ursoc 5985 (24.24%) Ursoc Mythic videos
M: Dragons of Nightmare 4779 (19.36%) Dragons of Nightmare Mythic videos
M: Cenarius 3313 (13.42%) Cenarius Mythic videos
M: Xavius 3042 (12.32%) Xavius Mythic videos

Heroic The Nighthold

H: Skorpyron 12420 (50.30%) Skorpyron Heroic videos
H: Chronomatic Anomaly 12394 (50.20%) Chronomatic Anomaly Heroic videos
H: Trilliax 12098 (49.00%) Trilliax Heroic videos
H: Spellblade Aluriel 10573 (42.82%) Spellblade Aluriel Heroic videos
H: Tichondrius 10235 (41.45%) Tichondrius Heroic videos
H: Krosus 11317 (45.84%) Krosus Heroic videos
H: High Botanist Tel'arn 9687 (39.23%) High Botanist Tel'arn Heroic videos
H: Star Augur Etraeus 10511 (42.57%) Star Augur Etraeus Heroic videos
H: Grand Magistrix Elisande 9542 (38.65%) Grand Magistrix Elisande Heroic videos
H: Gul'dan 9146 (37.04%) Gul'dan Heroic videos

Heroic Trial of Valor

H: Odyn 9148 (37.05%) Odyn Heroic videos
H: Guarm 8950 (36.25%) Guarm Heroic videos
H: Helya 7463 (30.23%) Helya Heroic videos

Heroic The Emerald Nightmare

H: Nythendra 16279 (65.93%) Nythendra Heroic videos
H: Elerethe Renferal 14199 (57.51%) Elerethe Renferal Heroic videos
H: Il'gynoth 14231 (57.64%) Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption Heroic videos
H: Ursoc 14796 (59.93%) Ursoc Heroic videos
H: Dragons of Nightmare 15863 (64.25%) Dragons of Nightmare Heroic videos
H: Cenarius 14367 (58.19%) Cenarius Heroic videos
H: Xavius 13997 (56.69%) Xavius Heroic videos

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    Transfer your character data after realm or name change
    18 days ago
    It is now possible to transfer your character Progress, M+, Karma data, Videos after name or realm change.

    Note: this is a temporary solution, it will be fully automatic soon

    How to transfer data after realm/name change?

    1. If possible, before changing realm/name, claim your character on WoWProgress using Sync. If you already transferred, skip this step.
    Comments: 14
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