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US-Terenas Realm Ranking

PvE Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1For Perfection
2Archetype X (10/25)4/5 (heroic)280499.56
3Completely Different (10)4/5 (heroic)360088.89
4Offtime (10)4/5 (heroic)391085.33
5Twilights Void (10)4/5 (heroic)393785.33
6Ring of Fire (10)4/5 (heroic)446979.11
7Midnight4/5 (heroic)476774.22
8Vendetta (25)4/5 (heroic)692140.00
9Incursion2/5 (heroic)971125.67
10The Patient3/5 (heroic)978424.50
11Assertive Discipline1/5 (heroic)993723.00
12The Touch Of Chaos2/5 (heroic)1169018.67
13Casually Serious2/5 (heroic)1170718.28
14Stehlen Life (10/25)2/5 (heroic)1172818.08
15Really Bad Players (25)2/5 (heroic)1245517.50
16Ethereal Darkness5/5 (normal) +Ony1349512.72
17Keepers of the Dusk (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony1369012.66
18Thats How We Roll5/5 (normal) +Ony1457912.37
19Team Cupcake (10/25)5/5 (normal) +Ony1597011.82
20Doom and Rainbows5/5 (normal) +Ony1639611.69
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