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EU-Connected Destromath Total damage done

PvP Realm
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1Díruminimal effort591,748 M
2Truthbearer (u)Northwind493,524 M
3Deadroth (u)Warum ich euch Hasse440,758 M
4Kaalaani (u)Nobody loves Gnimo402,373 M
5GlobossNight Conquers Day398,254 M
6AneriaThunder of Draenor350,426 M
7FeimataNobody loves Gnimo328,813 M
8Attrition (u)Northwind324,914 M
9Nidra (u)Northwind312,622 M
10FroxxAmicitia Vera307,569 M
11Colbens (u)Core299,711 M
12Niseko (u)Nobody loves Gnimo297,796 M
13InotenjaUnic297,312 M
14GwindirSacred Scars269,060 M
15Galba (u)Disasterpiece267,135 M
16CalámityCarbonite266,390 M
17Lies (u)Night Conquers Day265,409 M
18Hugolito (u)Entropy257,539 M
19Dasyriá (u)Down and Out256,059 M
20SépherothEmotionS255,117 M
21ElismfDown and Out250,995 M
22Infearileave (u)Disasterpiece241,025 M
23IsaroUnic235,067 M
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