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EU-Connected Destromath Total damage received

PvP Realm
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1Ethiq (u)Core41,040 M
2Saád (u)Unic40,420 M
3Monta (u)Unic34,558 M
4Baroq (u)Northwind33,818 M
5Wyand (u)Core33,496 M
6Pugsley (u)Northwind31,581 M
7KaleidaMystery Legends30,474 M
8Nishi (lfg) 29,713 M
9Warløn (u)Frøntschweine29,677 M
10Jáylol (u)Thunder of Draenor26,836 M
11ChiiakiDown and Out23,960 M
12Ventrex (u)Farming and the Fu..23,856 M
13MordèkayNo Skill Just DPS23,479 M
14Suro (u)Core23,378 M
15Sylfur (u)Nobody loves Gnimo22,993 M
16ChelseâSchwarzes Blut22,376 M
17Doom (u)Frøntschweine21,147 M
18DragoonisTen doomed Dudes19,699 M
19Whakkominimal effort19,103 M
20BlightpodgeThunder of Draenor18,363 M
21Naveena (u)Night Conquers Day18,286 M
22RidaiMystery Legends17,515 M
23NesiDark Moon Rising17,021 M
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