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US-Connected Spirestone Item Level Character Rankings

PvP Realm
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24SamThe Bad and the Ugly721.47
25StinckerbellKeep Calm721.40
26NovasolKeep Calm721.13
27Shmadu (u)The Bad and the Ugly721.07
28Beefshamburg (u)The Bad and the Ugly721.00
29CapacitorThe Bad and the Ugly721.00
30SatansbeastKeep Calm721.00
31CheeriosKeep Calm720.81
32MathealKeep Calm720.75
33EamonThe Bad and the Ugly720.67
34ZtrainKeep Calm720.56
35SpookydeathThe Bad and the Ugly720.53
36GenuineKeep Calm720.44
37GeometryGluten Intolerance720.40
38DoadinThe Bad and the Ugly720.38
39SilverthorneGluten Intolerance720.31
40CallmefluffyKeep Calm720.25
41HizzleswagKeep Calm720.06
42CaimionGluten Intolerance719.94
43GunpowderGluten Intolerance719.80
44SaraGluten Intolerance719.73
45MonkparrishThe Bad and the Ugly719.73
46PuncherGluten Intolerance719.73
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