Data Export

5 years ago

Here is some info for third party sites who would like to use our WoW ranking data.
I know people query our data for things such as EQ-DKP modules, etc.
You can download the data for every single guild and also for all guilds of a realm at once.

Single Guild Rank

Can be accessed by adding "/json_rank" to guild URL.

You can also query various tiers/ratings:

Batch Rankings for Realm

Can be downloaded from this directory:
There is a set of files updated regularly, one file per realm/tier/rating. Data Export Conditions
1. The data can be used free of charge.

2. Direct link to must be placed on all pages that use the data. It must be clearly stated that the data comes from

3. The data presented in JSON format, GZIP-compressed.

4. It's recommended to use If-Modified-Since HTTP negotiation on second request and all consequent requests to the same file in order to reduce traffic usage.

5. You must use the batch download instead of single guild requests if you want to update info for many guilds.


  1. Socute
    Rating: +9 [-][+]
    5 years ago
    Will be include in Guild Roster 1.1 =) (work in progress)

    Thanks a lot
  2. Raegx
    Raegx Turtle Clan
    Rating: -2 [-][+]
    4 years ago
    Any way we could get something like: ... &l=EU&gGuildNameN&r=RealmNameN

    Where l,g, and r are corresponding arrays of location, guild, and realm? It is just that if one is attempting to make a FireFox plugin I don't see a very easy way to take an arbitrary list of guilds/realms/location and obtain rank information about them nor deal with gzip compressed files.

    Also at times it is better to just obtain a list of the top ranked guilds per location.

    With get parameters for

    l = world, us, eu, etc
    s = start rank, e.g. 1
    e = end rank e.g. 500

    Example &l=US&s=1&e=100
    Returns a json array of the ranks of the top 100 US guilds.

  3. Altin05
    Rating: -1 [-][+]
    12 days ago
  4. Verdelet
    Rating: [-][+]
    4 years ago
    Whether probably to export a server rank?

    {realm: "azuregos", "score":"6666","world_rank":"666", "area_rank":"66", ,"region_rank":"6"}

  5. axi3d
    Rating: [-][+]
    4 years ago
    What is the realm list on ??????!
  6. urosbre123
    Rating: [-][+]
    10 months ago
  7. Vuretne
    Rating: [-][+]
    4 years ago
    What's the realmlist of wow progress?
  8. urosbre123
    Rating: [-][+]
    10 months ago
    where is reamlist?
  9. BeGeek
    Rating: +2 [-][+]
    3 years ago
    You can add the total for data? This is usefull for generate graphic.

    this is an example: | {"score":"40817","best_score":"xxxxx","world_rank":"1","world_total":"xxxxx","area_rank":"1","area_t otal":"xxxxx","realm_rank":"1","realm_total":"xxxx"}

    Whith that i can generate graphic for view the guild progress on our website.
  10. daha
    Rating: [-][+]
    3 years ago
    REQUEST: Json objects zipped up for individual achievements - for example an archive of every guild+realm+killdate of Heroic Atramedes, for every achievement.

    Do Want.
  11. troxxer
    Rating: [-][+]
    3 years ago
    Would it be possible to add the current progression (nhc+hc, killed_bosses/total_bosses) to the data export? Would be very useful.

    Thanks in advance
  12. Narndia
    Selindel Serenity Over Khaos
    Rating: [-][+]
    2 years ago
    I just currently signed up to the sight so that I could add my guild and it's progress. It says that I should have received a confirmation email, which I never received. I can't find anything anywhere to get it resent to me. As one may imagine, this makes things very difficult for me considering I can't do anything on the site for my toon unless I confirm. What can I do, or who can I contact to fix this problem.
  13. Bluray
    ßluray The Death Itself
    Rating: +1 [-][+]
    2 years ago
    can i somehow export out current progress? (like 2/6 HC)

  14. giofifas
    Rating: -4 [-][+]
    11 months ago
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  15. duqrlvkfl
    Rating: -1 [-][+]
    6 months ago
  16. Sinners绿皮
    Rating: [-][+]
    2 months ago
    You can't ignore the Chinese WOWer.And the rest of the world by WOWer.This website should support the translation of other languages in the world.
  17. Ylangmorgan
    Ylangmorgan The Iron Guard
    Rating: [-][+]
    1 month ago
    Hi, is there any chance to export the Level 100 list? Thanks in advance!
  18. nonamebrand
    Rating: [-][+]
    8 days ago
    Hi, I have been trying to use the export facility to get Tier 17 data in the same way we can export tier 16/etc data, these files do not seem to be in the exports folder? Is there no support for exporting tier 17 data yet, or does this have a different format/location than the other tiers?

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance!

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