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EU-Aegwynn Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1In flagrantì (r)5613/13 (M)
2Levitate30013/13 (M)
3Wings of Ysondre (r)47513/13 (M)
4Juicy Loot (r)72813/13 (M)
5Blacklîsted (r)87913/13 (M)
6Gag Order109913/13 (M)
7Narcotic (r)118313/13 (M)
8Bleeding Guardians (r)120313/13 (M)
9Honoris170613/13 (M)
10BreathTakìng (r)203813/13 (M)
11Bleed it out259212/13 (M)
12no return (r)269712/13 (M)
13Underachievers270512/13 (M)
14Wesley Crushers (r)317811/13 (M)
15idea of glory (r)326811/13 (M)
16sells your soul fo..331311/13 (M)
17ReEvølutiøn338911/13 (M)
18Archangels of Veng..340211/13 (M)
19I R O N Y350311/13 (M)
20HØRIZØN357811/13 (M)
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