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EU-Connected Arathor Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Azys (r)3369/13 (M)
2Curse of Years (r)5427/13 (M)
3A Necessary Evil (r)9745/13 (M)
4Crusaders of Honor13474/13 (M)
5Mystical Odour19772/13 (M)
6Alliance of Destiny24901/13 (M)
7Reckless Mortals (r)25621/13 (M)
8By Accident (r)3879 12/13 (H)
9Tre Lowen (r)3947 12/13 (H)
10Omnislash4165 12/13 (H)
11Csodaszarvas (r)4204 12/13 (H)
12Equinsu Ocha (r)4441 12/13 (H)
13Divine Retribution5661 11/13 (H)
14Retired (r)6511 10/13 (H)
15Abstine6704 9/13 (H)
16Fehér Tigris7215 9/13 (H)
17The Core (r)7825 8/13 (H)
18Shattered Legends7950 8/13 (H)
19Awakening (r)7969 8/13 (H)
20Fireflyers8461 7/13 (H)
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