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EU-Eredar Realm Ranking

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1untitled spreadsheet8213/13 (M)
2unified16813/13 (M)
3Integrity (r)21713/13 (M)
4Nyratic and Dytonic (r)32013/13 (M)
5TG Gaming (r)35213/13 (M)
6Void (r)42013/13 (M)
7Double Tap (r)42513/13 (M)
8H I M M R (r)58513/13 (M)
9Sanktheum (r)60413/13 (M)
10Tears of Abaddon (r)80513/13 (M)
11Confidence (r)95013/13 (M)
12Uninspired (r)103313/13 (M)
13Accident (r)108413/13 (M)
14Awake (r)111413/13 (M)
15evoke (r)111613/13 (M)
16Elision (r)112013/13 (M)
17and his amazing fr..122713/13 (M)
18Exilium (r)129513/13 (M)
19click to move (r)173212/13 (M)
20Requíem (r)176212/13 (M)
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