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US-Arthas Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Nerd Crew (r)2158/13 (M)
2Lusting on Trash (r)4865/13 (M)
3Suspect (r)5885/13 (M)
4Drainlife (r)7173/13 (M)
5Venom (r)7683/13 (M)
6Dankident (r)8763/13 (M)
7exiled II (r)10682/13 (M)
8Ascendants (r)12951/13 (M)
9Matt Damon13011/13 (M)
10Fair Enough (r)13311/13 (M)
11Unforgivable Sins (r)13601/13 (M)
12Nothing But Trouble (r)1610 13/13 (H)
13Adelante2165 12/13 (H)
14The Sworn2486 12/13 (H)
15From The Internet (r)2646 12/13 (H)
16Marshmallow Cupcakes2652 12/13 (H)
17Impervious (r)2654 12/13 (H)
18Vortêx (r)2660 12/13 (H)
19Exiled Power (r)2664 12/13 (H)
20Notice Us Senpai (r)3068 11/13 (H)
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