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US-Connected Doomhammer Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Crisp (r)36613/13 (M)
2Drow132213/13 (M)
3Fresh136213/13 (M)
4Deaths Rise201812/13 (M)
5Cupcake Ninjas327710/13 (M)
6SACRED335210/13 (M)
7Bloodlust (r)347010/13 (M)
8Integrity53336/13 (M)
9Wipes on Trash66105/13 (M)
10The Nemeton (r)72974/13 (M)
11Malice Aforethought78883/13 (M)
12Knights of Dragon ..91621/13 (M)
13Unsatisfied96051/13 (M)
14Relic10758 13/13 (H)
15Eternity11771 13/13 (H)
16Y So Serious11988 13/13 (H)
17Onslaught12687 13/13 (H)
18Underground Connec..13535 13/13 (H)
19Ars Discordia13621 13/13 (H)
20Die with Music13804 13/13 (H)
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