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US-Mal'Ganis Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Vigil11011/13 (M)
3Elitist Jerks4578/13 (M)
4Monster (r)4737/13 (M)
5Outrage4857/13 (M)
6NO MEDAL BOYS (r)5855/13 (M)
7Fatal Union (r)5895/13 (M)
8Érebos5925/13 (M)
9Inferiority Complex (r)6115/13 (M)
10Rebuff for Confide..6425/13 (M)
11Spike Flail7575/13 (M)
12Seraph (r)7675/13 (M)
13Exceptionally Aver.. (r)8255/13 (M)
14teamLUST8695/13 (M)
15Overwatch9425/13 (M)
16Heart of the Cards (r)10495/13 (M)
17Instant Dollars (r)10515/13 (M)
18Button Mashers (r)10804/13 (M)
19Punch Line (r)11214/13 (M)
20Warfare (r)11284/13 (M)
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