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EU English Total deaths from opposite faction

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1Amery Draenor425,441
2  Draenor121,344
3  Draenor115,878
4  Draenor111,724
5  Draenor98,113
6Båtarokoks Shattered Hand97,521
7Tyxie Silvermoon84,077
8WashimGods Of CastorAzjol-Nerub66,964
9  Azjol-Nerub65,173
10  Azjol-Nerub57,204
11Bloodypleb Silvermoon57,126
12Suxxys Shattered Halls56,493
13  Shattered Halls55,683
14Évenstár Twilight's Hammer54,872
15Lonewolfe Bloodfeather46,997
16  Bloodfeather46,617
17  Bloodfeather46,303
18ArdelisEcho of SylvanasKazzak45,167
20AntaosThe RenegadesDrak'thul43,863
21RoguexiThe Laughing SkullsDaggerspine43,048
22HellarayTime and TideEarthen Ring39,690
23  Earthen Ring39,521
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