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EU English Guild Rankings

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1ParagonLightning's Blade13/13 (H)41916.65
2Method (25)Xavius13/13 (H)41322.22
3EnsidiaTarren Mill13/13 (H)41188.88
4ApexAl'Akir13/13 (H)39005.55
5Envy (25)Auchindoun13/13 (H)38777.77
6Inner Sanctum (recruiting)Silvermoon13/13 (H)38049.99
7NumenTalnivarr13/13 (H)37788.88
8Draama (25)Chromaggus13/13 (H)37700.00
9Loot FTW (25)Kor'gall13/13 (H)37450.00
10Immersion (25)Auchindoun13/13 (H)37350.01
11Accidentally (10/25)Ravenholdt13/13 (H)36983.32
12SlashCry (25)Kazzak13/13 (H)36805.56
13Black DivisionDrak'thul13/13 (H)36561.10
14CATASTROPHE (25)Dunemaul13/13 (H)36088.90
15Loot FTW (recruiting)Ravencrest12/13 (H)36022.22
16Memento MoriFrostmane13/13 (H)35705.56
17Exploding Labdogs (25)Stormreaver13/13 (H)35694.44
18ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom13/13 (H)35644.45
19Grim Funeral (10/25)Twisting Nether13/13 (H)35233.34
20E V O (recruiting)Shattered Hand13/13 (H)35083.34
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