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“Blue Moon” Guild

Alliance US-Ner'zhul    (armory)
Progress MilestoneTime (GMT)WorldUSRealm
A Tribute to Dedicated InsanityOct 19, 2009 05:30199532
A Tribute to Insanity (10)Oct 11, 2009 06:16229984518
A Tribute to Mad Skill (10)Sep 9, 2009 08:28112893
A Tribute to Skill (10)Sep 3, 2009 08:19119692

AchievementTime (GMT)WorldUSRealmScore
A Tribute to Dedicated InsanityOct 19, 2009 05:30199532652.78 / 750.00
Call of the Grand Crusade (10)Sep 3, 2009 08:19183952297.78 / 300.00
The Traitor King (10)Dec 15, 2009 08:30153273 
Earth, Wind & Fire (10)Nov 12, 2009 03:47168474 
A Tribute to Insanity (10)Oct 11, 2009 06:16229984518 
Many Whelps! Handle It! (10)Sep 30, 2009 01:1023161 
She Deep Breaths More (10)Sep 22, 2009 18:5225251 
More Dots! (10)Sep 22, 2009 18:5245451 
Onyxia's Lair (10)Sep 22, 2009 18:521081084 
Resilience Will Fix It (10)Sep 16, 2009 04:12237763 
A Tribute to Mad Skill (10)Sep 9, 2009 08:28112893 
Heroic Anub'arak (10)Sep 3, 2009 08:19208922 
A Tribute to Skill (10)Sep 3, 2009 08:19119692 
Heroic Val'kyr Twins (10)Sep 3, 20095682045 
Call of the Crusade (10)Sep 2, 2009 06:183267326736 
Heroic Faction Champions (10)Sep 2, 2009110492 
Heroic Lord Jaraxxus (10)Sep 2, 2009124622 
Heroic Beasts (10)Sep 2, 2009137733 
Anub'arak (10)Sep 2, 2009 06:335590285232 
Salt and Pepper (10 player)Aug 26, 2009 00:311061061 
Val'kyr Twins (10)Aug 26, 20093023012 
Faction Champions (10)Aug 18, 2009111 
Three Sixty Pain Spike (10)Aug 12, 2009 06:411251252 
Lord Jaraxxus (10)Aug 12, 20094274235 
Upper Back Pain (10)Aug 6, 2009 02:5166271 
Not One, But Two Jormungars (10)Aug 5, 2009 00:2847471 
Beasts (10)Aug 5, 20091391383 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
druid (balance)high
druid (feral-dd)medium
paladin (holy)high
paladin (protection)high
paladin (retribution)medium
priest (healer)high
priest (dd)high
shaman (elemental)medium
shaman (enhancement)medium
warrior (dd)high
warrior (protection)high

Raid Schedule
Tuesday 6PM-11PM PST
Thursday 6PM-11PM PST
Sunday 6PM-11PM PST

<Blue Moon> is a progression raiding guild on US Ner'zhul, which is part of the Bloodlust Battlegroup. Blue Moon is one of the longest standing raiding guilds dating back to MC and continues to be a top guild on Ner’zhul. We are a guild that is focused on downing the most difficult content in a competitive fashion, while maintaining a schedule that is conducive to life outside of progression raiding (i.e. alt raids and achievements... and work and family, yes, yes). The officers and core are singularly focused on returning Blue Moon to the top 100 US (and beyond). If you're a player who knows they have the kind of self-discipline, dedication, and skill to help make that happen, please apply.

What we look for in our raiders
- Raiders with a constant interest in self-improvement on every conceivable metric (damage done, damage taken, interrupts, dispells, healing done, etc...).
- Raiders who can and *do* read WoL parses to figure out where themselves and the raid can make improvements.
- Raiders who are *aware* of their situation and can *optimize* their play even in "random", rapidly changing environments.
- Raiders who are excited by farm content, and view it as an opportunity to improve upon raid and personal bests. Excelling at farm content is important to us -- optimizing performance in a farm setting is the practice that we'll call upon when working on progression content.
- Raiders who are respectful and helpful toward those with whom they play.
- Raiders who show up on time and fully prepared for raids (bring pots, flasks, understanding of all fight mechanics).
- Raiders that can communicate effectively, the onus is on everyone to coordinate 25 people.

Currently Recruiting
# Priest (Need 1 Holy/disc capable)
# Prot or ret Pally
# 1 Boomkin
# 1 Ele or Enhance shaman
# 1 Shadow priest
# tank or dps DK
And any exceptional players

8/8 Dragon Soul (Cleared on week 1)
6/7 Heroic 7/7 Firelands (5/7H pre-nerf)
13/13 Heroic 12/12 Normal T11

6/7 Heroic 7/7 Normal Firelands
2/2 Heroic 2/2 Throne of Four Winds
5/5 Heroic 4/4 Normal Bastion of Twilight
6/6 Heroic 6/6 Normal Blackwing Descent
2/2 Baradin Hold
12/12 ICC 25 Heroic
12/12 ICC 10 Heroic
A Tribute to Insanity (10/25)
Alone in the darkness (10/25)

All applicants should exhibit exceptional skill and knowledge of the class they play. The best way to "prove" this is to supply WoL parses and an explanation as to why they are or aren't exceptional -- if they're not, give specific reasons things weren't as good as they could have been and explain what you or your raid could have done to fix them. Gear is not a requirement (see below), but obviously it will help you provide more impressive parses with fewer qualifications like "well, if I had better gear, then I would do more dps..."

Gear is not essential to an application. We can easily tell from a parse and your equipped gear whether or not you're getting close to your potential for the setup you have. That said, it is assumed you have been running the new Cata raids since becoming 85. In that amount of time, it should not have been difficult to attain enough gear to be ready for heroic encounters and have it optimally gemmed and enchanted.

We are only recruiting raiders that have a desire to raid. Therefore, applicants must be able to maintain a 75%+ attendance. We understand that everyone has obligations outside of wow, hence occasional absents are permitted. You must have 100% attendance during your trial.


In game: Alternateo, Aluka, Mortum, Yonsoo.
Vent: (see website)

Thanks for reading,
Aluka <3
profile administrator(s): Yonsoo, Aluka
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