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EU-Blackmoore Realm Ranking

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1Hope n Despair (r)2614/14 (H)
2Tempest RiP5014/14 (H)
3Die Gummibärenbande (r)14614/14 (H)
4Infamous22514/14 (H)
5Rise and Shine (r)33114/14 (H)
6Pepperoni Lovers54714/14 (H)
7Exercitus (r)56714/14 (H)
8Noxxic57714/14 (H)
9Hype68114/14 (H)
10Innervision (r)89114/14 (H)
11we got this101214/14 (H)
12Evolution (r)101314/14 (H)
13Kamikaze109413/14 (H)
14Lost Ones117613/14 (H)
15Söhne des Drachen120813/14 (H)
16Ehre und Staerke128013/14 (H)
17Eternity Ends130813/14 (H)
18Inhume (r)132412/14 (H)
19AvengerS138512/14 (H)
20Panic Inc144612/14 (H)
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1Malediction15914/14 (H)
2Malevolent17614/14 (H)
3Myth (r)19514/14 (H)
4Inhume (r)21614/14 (H)
5zerø41214/14 (H)
6Decuria41714/14 (H)
7Kamikaze42514/14 (H)
8Hype53214/14 (H)
9Exercitus (r)56614/14 (H)
9Second Heartbeat56614/14 (H)
11Panic Inc57014/14 (H)
12Entropic Gravity71414/14 (H)
13Die Gummibärenbande (r)75114/14 (H)
14Ultramarines78214/14 (H)
15Shadows of the Dark81614/14 (H)
16Darkest Dream85114/14 (H)
17we got this88214/14 (H)
18Incinerate124514/14 (H)
19VollKontakt130214/14 (H)
20AvengerS130414/14 (H)
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