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EU-Blackmoore Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Hope n Despair (r)3211/11 (M)
2Herzog Igzor11411/11 (M)
3Myth (r)18711/11 (M)
4Die Gummibärenbande (r)23611/11 (M)
5Innervision (r)26211/11 (M)
6SevenStuck (r)65711/11 (M)
7Fangs of Fenris (r)80011/11 (M)
8NOPENOPENOPE (r)80811/11 (M)
9Rise and Shine (r)85311/11 (M)
10Salty Peaches (r)85511/11 (M)
11Wings of Ysondre (r)92311/11 (M)
12Tatortreiniger (r)105111/11 (M)
13Exercitus (r)106211/11 (M)
14Covenant109011/11 (M)
15Orchoth (r)115411/11 (M)
16Karma115711/11 (M)
17Feel BeLoved (r)119511/11 (M)
18Lunatic Asylum (r)138811/11 (M)
19Vibe (r)147111/11 (M)
20Ingardia147311/11 (M)
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