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EU-Skullcrusher Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1Project Mayhem (25)13/13 (H)36428977.79
2Adrastus lIl (25)12/13 (H)105421772.21
3Paranormal (10)13/13 (H)129219705.54
4Dude where s my mo.. (10)10/13 (H)33829722.22
5PHOBIA (10)9/13 (H)34749511.12
6Burnout (10)5/13 (H)35259400.00
7Elders (10)8/13 (H)42367950.00
8Abyss (10)8/13 (H)47437172.22
9Pancake Patrol (10)6/13 (H)49136977.77
10All Rights Reserved (10)8/13 (H)59655900.01
11Nocens Locus (10)8/13 (H)59725899.99
12AngryTribe (10)6/13 (H)64695516.67
13Raiders of Apocaly.. (10)6/13 (H)65635461.11
14Hetjuklúbburinn4/13 (H)75154850.00
15Erra7/13 (H)76214788.88
16Lawl and Order (10/25)4/13 (H)76944738.88
17The Codex5/13 (H)78084672.22
18Nightborn (10)5/13 (H)84594350.00
19Power Overwhelming (10)6/13 (H)99083683.33
20Sacramentum (25)5/13 (H)119282872.22
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Blackwing Descent

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