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TW-Crystalpine Stinger Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1Stars13/13 (H)540677.77
2Delta Force12/13 (H)52126994.44
3Somuns13/13 (H)64725594.45
4小明和小美墜入愛河三天後被人發現12/13 (H)93622900.00
5夜未眠12/13 (H)94022783.34
6New Starting Point (10/25)13/13 (H)118620561.10
7Evolution X (10)11/13 (H)191915477.79
8重鑄輝煌 (25)12/13 (H)209414322.22
9死 亡 騎 士11/13 (H)224013466.67
10伊 甸 園 (25)11/13 (H)241012827.79
11假裝不正經 (10)11/13 (H)242112783.33
12無敵真寂寞英雄最孤單 左眼誰右眼誰兩.. (10/25)10/13 (H)280411416.67
13Endless Story (10/25)10/13 (H)288011194.44
14無敵聯盟9/13 (H)294310983.33
15皇城9/13 (H)34639544.44
16黑耀眼 (10)10/13 (H)34969472.22
17Rainbow (10)9/13 (H)37428850.01
18Purple Dream8/13 (H)38768588.89
19赤血8/13 (H)40308305.56
20鳳凰社9/13 (H)45637438.88
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Blackwing Descent

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