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US-Azjol-Nerub Realm Ranking

PvE Realm


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RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
1Infusion13/13 (H)132119477.77
2Phalanx (25)11/13 (H)290611122.23
3Clan Battlehammer (10)8/13 (H)40378299.99
4Knights of the Runes8/13 (H)41598083.34
5Learn This or Wipe (10/25)7/13 (H)43467744.44
6Exterminatus (10)9/13 (H)52726566.67
7Flowdans Lounge5/13 (H)60235861.11
8Irregardless (10)6/13 (H)61615738.90
9Imperial Redux6/13 (H)63625588.90
10Shenanigans (10)5/13 (H)68875238.90
11Shard (25)6/13 (H)80294566.66
12Darkness Falls (25)5/13 (H)87744183.33
13Extra Calculus Que..6/13 (H)88414149.99
14Finished Product (10)6/13 (H)98513705.56
15Bleach5/13 (H)109163288.88
16Coup de Grâce (recruiting)5/13 (H)109273283.33
17Dark Renders Edge5/13 (H)111753177.78
18Ascend (10)3/13 (H)146021977.78
19Fat Panda3/13 (H)150861794.44
20Aequitas (10)3/13 (H)158451550.00
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Blackwing Descent

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