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US-Korgath Realm Ranking

PvP Realm


RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
21Intent (10)8/13 (H)56996111.11
22TFO5/13 (H)58965961.10
23Team WI (10)6/13 (H)62605666.66
24Lockdown (25)6/13 (H)64945500.00
25Stratus (10)5/13 (H)69105227.77
26Crimson Banditos5/13 (H)69155227.77
27Nightwatch7/13 (H)78884627.78
28Inept (10)5/13 (H)79494599.99
29Existence (25)6/13 (H)80234566.67
30Reign (25)7/13 (H)81834494.44
31Heals Dont Crit (10)6/13 (H)83144422.21
32Delusion of Grandeur7/13 (H)84494355.55
33Sine Pari (25)5/13 (H)84734338.90
34AfterLife (25)5/13 (H)86854233.33
35Hakuna Matata (10)6/13 (H)87984172.21
36Skinnable (10)5/13 (H)94953855.56
37Pursuit of Loot5/13 (H)95753822.21
38BLITZKRIEG5/13 (H)98083727.78
39Distinct5/13 (H)98093727.78
40Elevator Allstars (10)4/13 (H)102653527.78

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Blackwing Descent

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