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TW Guild Rankings

21來自部落的愛 (10)Icecrown12/13 (H)28750.01
22Nirvana (25)Quel'dorei13/13 (H)28405.56
23PhantomTwilighTWrathbringer13/13 (H)28294.44
24執著 (10)Deathwing12/13 (H)28222.23
25月刃 (25)Bleeding Hollow13/13 (H)27977.78
26Meteor (10/25)Warsong12/13 (H)27866.66
27Legend (10/25)Frenzyheart12/13 (H)27327.77
28BlackLabel (25)Dragonmaw10/13 (H)25183.33
29重生之地Skywall11/13 (H)24716.69
30聖冥 (25)Menethil12/13 (H)24166.68
31Delta ForceStrand of the Ancients11/13 (H)23744.43
32銀翼之手 (25)Silverwing Hold11/13 (H)23683.31
33Angelcity (25)World Tree10/13 (H)23400.00
34翡翠夢境 (25)Whisperwind11/13 (H)23161.11
35Miraculous (25)Nightsong11/13 (H)22994.43
36打副本全靠臉來滾鍵盤 (25)Nesingwary11/13 (H)22711.10
37黑手之鄉Quel'dorei11/13 (H)22516.68
38Delta ForceCrystalpine Stinger10/13 (H)22505.54
39魔都遠征軍 (25)Frenzyheart11/13 (H)22422.22
40Loktar OgarDemon Fall Canyon12/13 (H)21627.78

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TW-Chillwind Point
6 months ago ago
TW-Sundown Marsh
1 year ago ago
1 year ago ago
1 year ago ago
TW-Crystalpine Stinger
1 year ago ago

Heroic Blackwing Descent

Heroic The Bastion of Twilight

Heroic Throne of the Four Winds

Blackwing Descent

The Bastion of Twilight

Throne of the Four Winds

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    WoWProgress and DiabloProgress sites now run on upgraded hardware. Along with this upgrade, the software platform, databases and libraries also got a big update.
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    Everything should work as before now, including SimDPS!
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    Legion Mythic+ Dungeons look nice!

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    Achievement points, Pet score fixed
    6 months ago
    The bug with disappeared achievement points and missing pets should be fixed now.
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    Tier18 updates
    1 year ago
    - EU region progression is enabled now

    - Heroic Socrethar the Eternal kills are added even if they are (incorrectly) missing in profiles

    You should queue manually using "update guild progress" button if you don't see these changes yet for your guild
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