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DPS Rankings (Beta) based on SimulationCraft project. See the details.

Please note that in-game bosses may require different spec/gems/reforging than your optimal SimDPS build.
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1Ráh (u)ReloadUldumArcane140606.70
2Doomage (lfg)ReloadZul'jinArcane140407.90
3Mishone (u)Herp DerpDun ModrArcane138927.80
4NysherEurekaDun ModrArcane137518.10
5Mishøne (u)ProvidenceDun ModrArcane136758.60
6Lynm (u)InsaneDun ModrArcane136146.50
7Shinfire (u)Attain itDun ModrArcane135809.70
8Aixxia (lfg)EurekaDun ModrArcane135570.50
9Seraim (lfg)Herp DerpDun ModrArcane135466.10
10Ardân (u)DreamwalkersDun ModrArcane135271.00
11Critikalx (u)Herp DerpDun ModrArcane135224.10
12IeraVengeanceDun ModrArcane134803.50
13ButtaSlothDun ModrArcane134513.00
14SolarcitoButton MashersC'thunArcane134473.00
15Evänelia (u)Cheerful CoffinDun ModrArcane134245.40
16KatsuftwAttain itDun ModrArcane133152.40
17Houddini (u)ProvidenceDun ModrArcane132378.60
18Exfiria (u)Attain itDun ModrArcane131497.30
19Zemla (u)EurekaDun ModrArcane131452.50
20Rayên (u)RuneC'thunArcane131387.30
21Dumdedum (u)ExødarExodarArcane131204.30
22Juanansall (u)ExødarExodarArcane130995.20
23Vendhal (u)SlothDun ModrArcane130516.70
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