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EU English Total deaths from opposite faction

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1Amery Draenor425,441
2  Draenor121,344
3  Draenor115,878
4  Draenor111,724
5  Draenor98,113
6Tyxie Silvermoon84,077
7  Silvermoon65,173
8  Silvermoon57,204
9Bloodypleb Silvermoon57,126
10  Silvermoon55,683
11Suxxys Shattered Halls53,866
12WashimGods Of CastorAzjol-Nerub53,293
13Évenstár Twilight's Hammer52,934
14Lonewolfe Bloodfeather46,997
15  Bloodfeather46,617
16  Bloodfeather46,303
17ArdelisEcho of SylvanasKazzak45,167
18JokobusRise Above HateStormscale43,564
19RoguexiThe Laughing SkullsDaggerspine43,023
20AntaosThe RenegadesDrak'thul41,271
21  Drak'thul39,521
22HellarayTime and TideEarthen Ring37,831
23  Earthen Ring37,636
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