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Asia Mythic Progress



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1즐거운공격대13/13 (H)
2Ground Zero13/13 (H)
3Alternative Plan13/13 (H)
4神樣13/13 (H)
5Asgard13/13 (H)
6Nirvana13/13 (H)
6Nirvana13/13 (H)
8PhantomTwilighT13/13 (H)
9Final Dawn13/13 (H)
10Infinite Challenge13/13 (H)
10Arche13/13 (H)
12黑手之鄉13/13 (H)
13Stars13/13 (H)
14설풍13/13 (H)
15A Force13/13 (H)
16Punishment of Asia13/13 (H)
17靈魂歸宿13/13 (H)
18喵魂13/13 (H)
19Live Or Die13/13 (H)
20Against All Author..13/13 (H)
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1즐거운공격대13/13 (H)
2執著13/13 (H)
3湮滅神跡13/13 (H)
4Just Enjoy your Pl..13/13 (H)
4Ground Zero13/13 (H)
4I n C u b e13/13 (H)
7神樣13/13 (H)
8Infinite Challenge13/13 (H)
9설풍13/13 (H)
9EP13/13 (H)
11집중해서 원트가요13/13 (H)
12Arche13/13 (H)
13HON13/13 (H)
14CLANNAD13/13 (H)
15Stars13/13 (H)
16月刃13/13 (H)
16moonblade13/13 (H)
18한국담배인삼공사13/13 (H)
19Eclipse13/13 (H)
20Momentum13/13 (H)
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Heroic Throne of Thunder

H: Jin'rokh the Breaker 1404 (53.49%) Jin'rokh the Breaker Heroic videos
H: Horridon 1075 (40.95%) Horridon Heroic videos
H: Council of Elders 909 (34.63%) Council of Elders Heroic videos
H: Tortos 933 (35.54%) Tortos Heroic videos
H: Megaera 795 (30.29%) Megaera Heroic videos
H: Ji-Kun 1196 (45.56%) Ji-Kun Heroic videos
H: Durumu the Forgotten 717 (27.31%) Durumu the Forgotten Heroic videos
H: Primordius 727 (27.70%) Primordius Heroic videos
H: Dark Animus 576 (21.94%) Dark Animus Heroic videos
H: Iron Qon 963 (36.69%) Iron Qon Heroic videos
H: Twin Consorts 736 (28.04%) Twin Consorts Heroic videos
H: Lei Shen 461 (17.56%) Lei Shen Heroic videos
H: Ra-den 402 (15.31%) Ra-den Heroic videos

Throne of Thunder

N: Jin'rokh the Breaker 2430 (92.57%) Jin'rokh the Breaker Normal videos
N: Horridon 2377 (90.55%) Horridon Normal videos
N: Council of Elders 2341 (89.18%) Council of Elders Normal videos
N: Tortos 2281 (86.90%) Tortos Normal videos
N: Megaera 2243 (85.45%) Megaera Normal videos
N: Ji-Kun 2218 (84.50%) Ji-Kun Normal videos
N: Durumu the Forgotten 2059 (78.44%) Durumu the Forgotten Normal videos
N: Primordius 2049 (78.06%) Primordius Normal videos
N: Dark Animus 1976 (75.28%) Dark Animus Normal videos
N: Iron Qon 1931 (73.56%) Iron Qon Normal videos
N: Twin Consorts 1912 (72.84%) Twin Consorts Normal videos
N: Lei Shen 1770 (67.43%) Lei Shen Normal videos
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    Removing non-active WoW characters
    10 months ago
    Due to the updated Blizzard API Policy, we have to refresh all the characters no less frequently than every 30 days. At the moment WoWProgress updates members of active raiding guilds several times a month. Characters that are not members of such guilds most probably will be removed from our database if you don't update them manually.
    If a character was deleted (or moved) by the player, we also have to remove it from our database.
    Comments: 19
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