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1즐거운공격대13/13 (H)
2Ground Zero13/13 (H)
3Alternative Plan13/13 (H)
4Infinite Challenge13/13 (H)
4Arche13/13 (H)
6설풍13/13 (H)
7A Force13/13 (H)
8Against All Author..13/13 (H)
9집중해서 원트가요13/13 (H)
10Momentum13/13 (H)
11EXCEED13/13 (H)
12E C O13/13 (H)
13The ValHalLa13/13 (H)
14스위트하우스13/13 (H)
15Bustahz13/13 (H)
16D A R T12/13 (H)
17Just Enjoy your Pl..12/13 (H)
18즐거운공격대11/13 (H)
19A K K11/13 (H)
20P A N D A R I A11/13 (H)
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1즐거운공격대13/13 (H)
2Just Enjoy your Pl..13/13 (H)
2Ground Zero13/13 (H)
2I n C u b e13/13 (H)
5Infinite Challenge13/13 (H)
6설풍13/13 (H)
6EP13/13 (H)
8집중해서 원트가요13/13 (H)
9Arche13/13 (H)
10HON13/13 (H)
11한국담배인삼공사13/13 (H)
12Eclipse13/13 (H)
13Momentum13/13 (H)
14승부13/13 (H)
15Polaris Rhapsody13/13 (H)
16D A R T13/13 (H)
17폐인13/13 (H)
18CREATURE13/13 (H)
19A Force13/13 (H)
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Heroic Throne of Thunder

H: Jin'rokh the Breaker 620 (55.01%) Jin'rokh the Breaker Heroic videos
H: Horridon 479 (42.50%) Horridon Heroic videos
H: Council of Elders 422 (37.44%) Council of Elders Heroic videos
H: Tortos 418 (37.09%) Tortos Heroic videos
H: Megaera 369 (32.74%) Megaera Heroic videos
H: Ji-Kun 489 (43.39%) Ji-Kun Heroic videos
H: Durumu the Forgotten 298 (26.44%) Durumu the Forgotten Heroic videos
H: Primordius 332 (29.46%) Primordius Heroic videos
H: Dark Animus 257 (22.80%) Dark Animus Heroic videos
H: Iron Qon 414 (36.73%) Iron Qon Heroic videos
H: Twin Consorts 333 (29.55%) Twin Consorts Heroic videos
H: Lei Shen 205 (18.19%) Lei Shen Heroic videos
H: Ra-den 174 (15.44%) Ra-den Heroic videos

Throne of Thunder

N: Jin'rokh the Breaker 1023 (90.77%) Jin'rokh the Breaker Normal videos
N: Horridon 1024 (90.86%) Horridon Normal videos
N: Council of Elders 1004 (89.09%) Council of Elders Normal videos
N: Tortos 990 (87.84%) Tortos Normal videos
N: Megaera 970 (86.07%) Megaera Normal videos
N: Ji-Kun 967 (85.80%) Ji-Kun Normal videos
N: Durumu the Forgotten 904 (80.21%) Durumu the Forgotten Normal videos
N: Primordius 895 (79.41%) Primordius Normal videos
N: Dark Animus 873 (77.46%) Dark Animus Normal videos
N: Iron Qon 843 (74.80%) Iron Qon Normal videos
N: Twin Consorts 827 (73.38%) Twin Consorts Normal videos
N: Lei Shen 761 (67.52%) Lei Shen Normal videos
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    Heroic Kil'jaeden video
    3 hours ago
    Guild CryHavoc posted video of their Kil'jaeden first kill.

    Mythic Plus Updates 2: Full history, party snapshots and LFG
    2 days ago
    You can now Search for Players Looking for Mythic+ dungeons!
    We have released it recently and there are already several hundreds of player updating their profiles!

    As promised, you can now browse full history of Mythic+ runs in character profiles!
    The history includes info about players participated in the run, including gear snapshot.

    Comments: 7
    Mythic Plus Updates
    3 days ago
    Mythic Plus Score now works following way:

    - points depend on key level and run time, as before
    - level 16 key completed just in time gives the same amount of points as level 15 key completed in 3 chests time
    - level 16 key with missed timer by 2 chests gives the same amount of points as level 15 key completed just in time

    Please note it works as before, the only difference is the coefficient of points per time increased significantly. So that if higher key run takes too much time, it grants lesser amount points, but still it makes sense to complete.
    (Initially we wanted to add 75% penalty for failing a key, but the idea was then scrapped)

    In other words:
    N key in 3-chests time = N+1 key in time
    N+1 key, timer missed by the same amount of time as 3-chests bonus = N key in time

    All runs saved in the database. Runs with highest points chosen for score calculation.

    Other changes:

    - Points are now calculated for each role: DPS, Tanking, Healing

    - By default only in-time runs shown, but there is possibility to view all runs.

    Thanks for all the people who provided feedback on the M+ scoring system!

    Changed key level-time balance towards key level. Now 3-chests completion time equals next key level just in-time.
    Comments: 107
    Patch 7.2.5 Mythic Plus data reset
    8 days ago
    As we did before, in Patch 7.2.5 we also reset our Mythic Plus Score and Mythic Plus Runs due to difficulty change.

    All previous runs are saved, you can see them in Season 1 / Season 2 tabs.

    Also, we have got many new awesome features to come, check back later!
    Comments: 41
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