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EU English Total damage done

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1SjeletyvenFutureTwisting Nether15,362,418 M
2DrjaýFutureTwisting Nether14,873,377 M
3MarchqtEchoesLaughing Skull9,814,796 M
4Marchqt Twisting Nether9,809,284 M
5Kúroneko Twisting Nether9,784,798 M
6FlitchhBad LuckTarren Mill9,749,572 M
7SeliathanFamiliar with DramaTwisting Nether9,672,773 M
8CanexxNollTvåTreTarren Mill9,647,438 M
9DarknessAsylumTwisting Nether9,521,052 M
10SubshammyFraggleneKazzak9,402,085 M
11AftoColourStormreaver9,293,976 M
12Afto Chamber of Aspects9,258,961 M
13Harispeter Azjol-Nerub9,007,614 M
14DheafieUnnecessary FlameRavencrest8,817,698 M
15Dheaf Ravencrest8,817,161 M
16Dheaf Frostmane8,816,676 M
17PhaolaGatheringRavencrest8,810,939 M
18Dheaf Twisting Nether8,798,557 M
19XravenEchoesLaughing Skull8,641,628 M
20Xraven (lfg) Stormscale8,641,315 M
21LunavoidImperiumStormrage8,632,243 M
22Lunavoid Ravencrest8,604,071 M
23Lunavoid Sunstrider8,600,558 M
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