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US Rated Battlegrounds played

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1Aals Altar of Storms10,739
2Dingle Lethon10,643
3Dingle Tichondrius10,348
4Spanksvone lesson per dayTichondrius9,711
5Showstopper Gilneas9,678
6Ruler Altar of Storms9,288
7Istplace Altar of Storms9,145
8Hiredhitman Gilneas9,123
9Asi Altar of Storms9,122
10Mym Altar of Storms9,109
11SixsixsixNo Gîrls AllowedKel'Thuzad8,986
12Vöchr The Forgotten Coast8,917
13DingleberryzLeave The GameDarkspear8,823
14Sisters Sisters of Elune8,331
15Ìl Sisters of Elune8,077
16Dingleberryz Bleeding Hollow7,888
17Trëlla Bleeding Hollow7,723
18Thewise Tichondrius7,598
19Damambaone lesson per dayTichondrius7,511
22CrustygoblinInv MatesIllidan5,582
23Naz Kel'Thuzad5,579
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