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EU-Connected Twilight's Hammer Total damage done

PvP Realm
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1RaizzCult of the Doomed3,033,387 M
2AudioslaveBrothers in Arms2,417,343 M
3ZoytAeon2,324,391 M
4AsselynaAeon2,154,276 M
5QuappleVoltage1,664,632 M
6PurepoisonBrothers in Arms1,608,948 M
7HamthemanVoltage1,588,753 M
8TornezWhy no love1,534,704 M
9RengzixAeon1,408,772 M
10JarlexleThe Fury Covenant1,351,967 M
11GpshadowbornOrder And Chaos1,348,112 M
12RainyMayhem1,302,254 M
13EspfarRenegade Legion1,253,406 M
14Zeromancer 1,238,333 M
15ElleseOverpowered1,105,599 M
16ImpernalSeagulls1,073,808 M
17SchneelI Am Boxxy You See1,072,722 M
18CygnousEpd United1,064,838 M
19CastaOverpowered1,058,153 M
20ZurgedFam1,044,030 M
21RiggiTwo Tents1,016,520 M
22Losta 923,114 M
23CsontvázSeagulls913,533 M
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