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EU-Twisting Nether Total healing received

PvP Realm
24Zananni 483,687 M
25MesseniiImperious482,360 M
26Bhismah 482,070 M
27HonithThe Frozen Toiletp..480,902 M
28Blakélively 474,911 M
29ZenikenO M E G A473,124 M
30Vdo 469,143 M
31Claritycraft 463,898 M
32Clarityxz 461,709 M
33KintaraxdFamiliar with Drama460,593 M
34Rochiiee 460,168 M
35LévíWithout a Trace456,692 M
36RansbypriestBird is the Word456,057 M
37Claritee 452,551 M
38SwotinpriestGrey Logs447,518 M
39MoriganhellFusion447,258 M
40HolybinderrAcoustic444,447 M
41Ghostpriest 437,122 M
42SpirtichUnwealthy Homeless..434,991 M
43JaervFuture434,526 M
44LimpohThe Reckless431,472 M
45SchtieveRenovo424,692 M
46Slushice (lfg)Drift423,560 M
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