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“The Brotherhood of Steel” Guild

Horde EU-Agamaggan    (armory)
- [M+] Brotherhood
Progress: 12/12
EU English:
AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
ChimaeronSep 7, 2011 21:08574551535.00 / 15.00
AtramedesSep 7, 2011 20:33579921595.00 / 15.00
NefarianJul 13, 2011 21:283827513815.00 / 45.00
Cho'gallJul 9, 2011 21:514482914415.00 / 45.00
Ascendant Council~Jul 9, 2011491241515.00 / 15.00
Valiona and Theralion~Jul 9, 2011565221575.00 / 15.00
Al'AkirJul 9, 2011 15:233644014015.00 / 45.00
MaloriakMar 15, 2011 20:20417581479.61 / 15.00
Halfus WyrmbreakerMar 1, 2011 21:024669814410.33 / 15.00
Omnotron Defense SystemFeb 10, 2011 20:493810614111.39 / 15.00
Conclave of WindFeb 8, 2011 20:312692512411.50 / 15.00
MagmawFeb 2, 2011 21:094096513811.83 / 15.00

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 4
Recruiting (outdated): closed
Greetings Traveler

This is not your usual guild, tales about the Brotherhood stretch for miles away, from place to place. Few outsiders ever understood the values the Brotherhood standed for, yet those that walked its ranks know the true stories. A guild whos gates are always opened, a place to enter, to learn, to grow, move on from and a place to retire among friends.

The <Brotherhood of Steel> is one of the high quality guilds in the connected realms network, if not by rank surely by spirit, and surely the most resilient. This game is not a race to be the first, its a marathon, our aim is to steadily gear up and clear the content each expansion, patch by patch, smart, strategically and focused. If we happen to reach Cutting Edge in the process, great.

Have fun and be less competitive. The game itself is designed to help you complete it, with tenacity and good leadership anything is possible and within reach, just find the right community and stick with it.

Ours is focused on fun, teamplay, we explore, adventure and complete everything with respect, common sense and honor. These are the traits we value.

The Guild has always welcomed new and old friends, it's gates have always been open, you're freet to join and leave, experiment and find what you like.

Find your playstyle, see if we're a match and have fun in the process.

If you do choose to Adventure with us into Progression this Expansion then Apply in game and introduce yourself once your enter. We want gamers that work together on completing all Challenges and Achievements that come with this MMORPG.

Take care friend, signed Boss mon.

Raider-io profile »

  • Raiding details and information

    Raid teams:
    Battle for Azeroth 8.3
    » G4 - Divison: the veterans that sticked around and survived the previous tiers, gamers that love to improve and know what they're doing, we're honorable, we know this is the way. If enough we complete the tier together, if not we go the path of the Mandalorian to complete the tier before it expires, making more friends along the way.

    We raid twice a week progressing and once a week farming. Friendlies are welcomed for a few bosses, and more if they can pull their weight.

    Raiding generic requirements and common sense stuff
    » During progress our raiding schedule is a bit demanding, as you must make it 15 mins early and get ready for the encounters. And it is important you understand this as it makes it a smooth pleasant experience for everyone.

    » Get ready as you'll be summoned and will engage in battle. We provide Flasks, Food and Potions whenever possible.

    » Don't have illusions of grandeur, we'll all catchup with your gear and skill, be friendly & reliable, toxic attitudes aren't welcomed.

    » World of Warcraft is a team game and communication during a raid encounter is often very important. You will be required to use Discord/Teamspeak during raids and should be able to write/speak and understand English to a reasonable level. (If you're able to read this message, I'm sure you'll be fine)

    Level of dedication
    » A positive attitude is required towards raiding especially when it comes to learning encounters as a team. Don't expect to be pampered, we'll give you the best advice but you have to work your own magic. Punctuality is important as its shows respect to your team-mates.

    » Be prepared to do everything it takes to maximize your characters effectiveness on the encounter(s). As I said, We're always willing to teach you how to improve.

    » During progress raids you need to be fully awake and focused - trying to understand and offer feedback in regards to the encounter via TeamSpeak, in-game, or on the forums. You must be mature and able to handle any criticism directed your way.

    Applications of any class will be considered.

  • Player vs Player

    The guild has an active interested in PvP, Besides doing Arenas and Battlegrounds together as a team, we do group up and run RBGs within the guild.

    Battle for Azeroth
    » Spartans will engage in world PvP activities, and guide us on the battlefield.

    » Black Ops leadership group, founded by Stormrage in the last of the Legion's PvP seasons, it's been causing an interesting effect over the guild, stimulating more player vs player action with interesting fun results.

    » Currently recruiting any good players to form a intense competitive rated battlegrounds.

    » Members joining, receive the rank of Spartans and join the fray, in the Worlds bigest PvP challenge grounds.


  • Casual play

    The Guild was created to provide an equal opportunity for both old and new players to enjoy content in a friendly environment.

    The Brotherhood of Steel was started many years ago by a friendly Druid, that chose not to walk the hardcore path but show the world anyone can achieve anything with patience, dedication and discipline. By giving the chance to be among friendly intelligent people that valued team-play, and fun we progressed together through many encounters and in game challenges.

    The guild promotes casual play and friendly honorable behavior. But we're not shy to delve down into progressive raiding or RBG. Our emphasis si in being communicative and being cool and helpful. Casual players are not expected to raid or pvp but can participate if they show interest and dedication.

  • <The Brotherhood of Steel> was designed to accommodate all types of game-play. If you ever want to give us a go, apply to our website or contact one of the leaders online for an invite. Try to get to know us better and you might end up making some cool friends.

    Know we expect you to provide some basic information upon joining, such as your favorite desert or drink and your Country of residence, for our ingame guild notes. We like to keep things nice, cool and tidy.

Our guild website: (


Battle for Azeroth » G4 - Destiny: We were not try hards, but we looked for inteligent people that could adapt quick and would have loved to clear all the current tier content. We started less than 20, and in 8.2.x half the team got Deceived after a co-op to start the Mythic tier which took us all to 3/8M. Those that left didn't get that far, those that stayed became Mandalorians, doing ops with their brothers in the high Mythic raid tier.

Battle for Azeroth » G5 - The Yolo raid gang, in tradition of the Training grounds where anyone interested to casually clear content, with no major expectation except focusing on teamwork, improvement and kicking arse, in a fun casual chill environment. This group disbanded fast, as they were to lazy to put any effort.

Legion - G1: Semi hardcore, currently Retired, reached Cutting Edge in Legion's first Tier.

Legion - G2: Most of this group retired after completing all of Legion's raids Ahead of the Curve. The last of them have been taken by <Betrayal> and were scattered on the realm in different guilds, some returned, while others never played this game ever again.

Legion - G3: Evolved into its own progressive raiding guild: <Mayhem>, they're an amazing solid group, look them up if you want to clear all Cutting Edge raid content while it's still within reach.


The pre Legion days are stuff of legends.

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