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US-Connected Perenolde Battle Pet Score

PvE Realm

How powerful is your Battle Pet Army?

24PeenalopeInvalid Target14493.55
25CyndarisInvalid Target14493.55
26FaintingfistIron Legion14417.44
28CashewpooCorrupted Rebels14164.40
29SweepdalegStick to the Plan13865.26
30  13216.66
31PaipanCrisis Management13003.46
32Shravin 12708.19
33SionnaaEdge of Light12518.45
34WhouEdge of Light12510.74
35OswynThe Renaissance12484.42
36Essyn 12452.21
37ThebearLooney Toons12297.68
38  11991.04
40HoratiohThe Kindred11724.13
41ArimiSystematic Chaos11632.58
42  11607.37
43SigardaWe Sell Runs11410.72
44Kungfuscious 11389.85
45FacemoldeXtreme Vindicators11329.25
46SelinàFriénds With Bénéf..11143.75
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