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EU-Connected Darkspear Mythic Progress

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Guild Rankings

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1BIG CITY LIFE (r)3646/9 (M)
2Jane Doe (r)8394/9 (M)
3Arctic Circle (r)38161/9 (M)
4[Raid] JD Leg Sweep (r)40381/9 (M)
5Divine Intervention52331/9 (M)
6Raiders of the Glomp53501/9 (M)
7Reckless6754 6/9 (H)
8NakedGang (r)6938 6/9 (H)
9Act of War (r)7304 6/9 (H)
10Moonlight Mystery7571 5/9 (H)
11Shadowstalkers7753 5/9 (H)
12Knaipa Variativ LV (r)7939 5/9 (H)
13The Midnight Raiders (r)8566 4/9 (H)
14The Shadowspær Off..8815 4/9 (H)
15Natural Skills [LootGains]9252 4/9 (H)
16Eleven Minus One9485 4/9 (H)
17Almost Grown Up10310 4/9 (H)
18Plan B11407 3/9 (H)
19Purgatory12528 3/9 (H)
20The Couch Potatoes12808 2/9 (H)
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