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EU-Connected Darkspear Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Addiction15355/11 (M)
2Saligia (r)20475/11 (M)
3Jane Doe (r)25054/11 (M)
4The Valiant Order (r)38002/11 (M)
5Arctic Circle (r)50191/11 (M)
6Moonlight Mystery54441/11 (M)
7Divine Intervention54711/11 (M)
8The Sheep who Say ..55871/11 (M)
9Eleven Minus One56301/11 (M)
10NakedGang (r)5983 11/11 (H)
11The Midnight Raiders6717 11/11 (H)
12Malevolence7101 11/11 (H)
13Reckless7484 11/11 (H)
14Dead On Arrival (r)8195 10/11 (H)
15Exitium (r)8663 10/11 (H)
16Death Proof9126 9/11 (H)
17Shadowstalkers9179 9/11 (H)
18Plan B (r)9486 9/11 (H)
19Wasted Talent9646 8/11 (H)
20Raiders of the Glomp10327 8/11 (H)
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