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EU-Connected Mal'Ganis Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1macht DRUCK7211/11 (M)
2Vanity (r)42911/11 (M)
3Myth (r)59711/11 (M)
4primus (r)103311/11 (M)
5Reprogress Live (r)118111/11 (M)
6Trial165711/11 (M)
7Mechanics192410/11 (M)
8Zerschmetterlinge197510/11 (M)
9Die Superfreunde (r)200210/11 (M)
10Lawrencium26099/11 (M)
11Sun (r)27229/11 (M)
12out of range28679/11 (M)
13Safecall29229/11 (M)
14Spirits of the Sha..30569/11 (M)
15Eviternity (r)31528/11 (M)
16Purity31688/11 (M)
17Crypted39166/11 (M)
18Amentia41856/11 (M)
19seems legit43425/11 (M)
20Ripternity43935/11 (M)
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