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EU-Magtheridon Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Dark Intent (r)10319/11 (M)
2Sanctum guards13198/11 (M)
3Foundation (r)14868/11 (M)
4Cursed Crew (r)15098/11 (M)
5Summon Inc (r)15168/11 (M)
6Nestehukka17217/11 (M)
7Nothing17577/11 (M)
8Scrumpy (r)18637/11 (M)
9Mutiny (r)19306/11 (M)
10Proud32735/11 (M)
11Wrath of Heaven (r)33165/11 (M)
12Outlawz (r)34465/11 (M)
13Khadgars Khankles (r)34855/11 (M)
14Panic Room (r)37094/11 (M)
15Seal Team Six41053/11 (M)
16Valar Morgulis (r)43073/11 (M)
17The Might Of Leo44333/11 (M)
18Heptagram (r)44483/11 (M)
19Sedition (r)45963/11 (M)
20Routa47462/11 (M)
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