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EU-Ravencrest Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Libertad (r)1110/11 (M)
2Drive (r)449/11 (M)
3Familiar with Drama (r)896/11 (M)
4Group Therapy (r)1026/11 (M)
5Arctic Avengers (r)1196/11 (M)
6Alterac Deviants2046/11 (M)
7Its Complicated2056/11 (M)
8Loot FTW (r)2116/11 (M)
9Strange Behaviour (r)2855/11 (M)
10Ethic3615/11 (M)
11Hypothermia (r)3725/11 (M)
12One of Us (r)3915/11 (M)
13Cyclone Gaming (r)4495/11 (M)
14The Dedicated Few (r)4505/11 (M)
15Delusional4925/11 (M)
16Placeholder Title (r)4975/11 (M)
17Eversio (r)5494/11 (M)
18RETRY (r)5854/11 (M)
19Potential (r)5864/11 (M)
20Tem Plak6544/11 (M)
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