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EU-Twisting Nether Mythic Progress

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Guild Rankings

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21Leviathan3918/8 (M)
22Imminent (r)4168/8 (M)
23NoM (r)4428/8 (M)
24The Reckless (r)4828/8 (M)
25EmptyPromises (r)4948/8 (M)
26Tack för Kaffet (r)4968/8 (M)
27Friendly Banter (r)5168/8 (M)
28Stubborn5638/8 (M)
29Salty Tears (r)5688/8 (M)
30Azerite (r)5828/8 (M)
31Lumsk (r)6258/8 (M)
32Entmoot (r)6268/8 (M)
33TED (r)6448/8 (M)
34Talotaikurit6548/8 (M)
35Stress Test (r)6558/8 (M)
36Grey Logs (r)6658/8 (M)
37Archaic Order (r)6678/8 (M)
38Twisted6708/8 (M)
39Internet Friends (r)7128/8 (M)
40Virtual (r)7168/8 (M)
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Mythic Uldir

M: Taloc 293 Taloc Mythic videos
M: MOTHER 251 MOTHER Mythic videos
M: Fetid Devourer 119 Fetid Devourer Mythic videos
M: Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth 175 Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth Mythic videos
M: Vectis 135 Vectis Mythic videos
M: Zul, Reborn 102 Zul, Reborn Mythic videos
M: Mythrax the Unraveler 81 Mythrax the Unraveler Mythic videos
M: G'huun 51 G'huun Mythic videos

Heroic Uldir

H: Taloc 439 Taloc Heroic videos
H: MOTHER 428 MOTHER Heroic videos
H: Fetid Devourer 419 Fetid Devourer Heroic videos
H: Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth 399 Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth Heroic videos
H: Vectis 403 Vectis Heroic videos
H: Zul, Reborn 367 Zul, Reborn Heroic videos
H: Mythrax the Unraveler 345 Mythrax the Unraveler Heroic videos
H: G'huun 306 G'huun Heroic videos

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