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EU-Well of Eternity Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Below Average8511/11 (M)
2Lex Domini84011/11 (M)
3Blasphemy105711/11 (M)
4Nova Gravity (r)126211/11 (M)
5Tunnel Vision126211/11 (M)
6Braindead144711/11 (M)
7Héritage (r)155511/11 (M)
8PIO PIO SQUAD172110/11 (M)
9Nameless (r)205610/11 (M)
10No Way Øut224710/11 (M)
11Pirates of Scarlet..232210/11 (M)
12Lesih Per Casoh24679/11 (M)
13Solitari26019/11 (M)
14Ready Check27229/11 (M)
15Nightfall31948/11 (M)
16No More Play31958/11 (M)
17Knights of Apocaly.. (r)32298/11 (M)
18In Omnia Paratus38156/11 (M)
19Redrum41006/11 (M)
20Burned42226/11 (M)
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