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1Calm Down8745/10 (M)
2Glory of the Warsong9655/10 (M)
3Oops12764/10 (M)
4Artemisia argyi12884/10 (M)
5Nostalgia15144/10 (M)
6海怒21843/10 (M)
7Watchmen24053/10 (M)
8Creamfields28462/10 (M)
9開心就好囉28712/10 (M)
10黑白講29432/10 (M)
11十年後的回憶29682/10 (M)
12Apostles of Dionysus31102/10 (M)
13千燈神廟31112/10 (M)
14湯勺之家31662/10 (M)
15潮流33142/10 (M)
16請問你喜歡五五六六嗎38172/10 (M)
17Restrain Of Combat38952/10 (M)
18奧格瑪教育改革委員會47431/10 (M)
19天使神殿48471/10 (M)
20Strength and glory50041/10 (M)
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Mythic Castle Nathria

M: Shriekwing 22
M: Huntsman Altimor 17
M: Hungering Destroyer 7
M: Lady Inerva Darkvein 1
M: Artificer Xy'mox 1
M: Sun King's Salvation 5
M: The Council of Blood 0
M: Sludgefist 0
M: Stone Legion Generals 0
M: Sire Denathrius 0

Heroic Castle Nathria

H: Shriekwing 66
H: Huntsman Altimor 62
H: Hungering Destroyer 62
H: Lady Inerva Darkvein 53
H: Artificer Xy'mox 57
H: Sun King's Salvation 55
H: The Council of Blood 50
H: Sludgefist 44
H: Stone Legion Generals 40
H: Sire Denathrius 22

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