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US-Aerie Peak Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Easy (r)128/9 (M)
2Handicap Hangtime (r)7484/9 (M)
3Esper (r)21802/9 (M)
4Convert to Raid Az..24581/9 (M)
5Offline (r)26131/9 (M)
6Artifex (r)26381/9 (M)
7Pinnacle (r)3511 9/9 (H)
8Legendary Soul Hun.. (r)3782 9/9 (H)
9Grey Parses (r)3920 8/9 (H)
10Behind the Curve (r)3972 8/9 (H)
11Focus4004 8/9 (H)
12Do Not Release (r)4352 8/9 (H)
13Convert to Raid Omen4451 8/9 (H)
14Arctic5043 8/9 (H)
15Convert to Raid Sha5441 8/9 (H)
16Dark Side of Elune5799 8/9 (H)
17Darkness Within (r)5915 8/9 (H)
18Band of Misfits6173 8/9 (H)
19Intense Intents In.. (r)6622 8/9 (H)
20LFR Heroes (r)7034 7/9 (H)
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