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US-Azralon Mythic Progress

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Guild Rankings

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1Overcoming1178/9 (M)
2Rise Above2757/9 (M)
3Twisted Vortex (r)4536/9 (M)
4Damnation (r)5156/9 (M)
5All Rights Reserved (r)5566/9 (M)
6BURN (r)6516/9 (M)
7Made in China (r)6536/9 (M)
8Infamy8625/9 (M)
9Downfall (r)13654/9 (M)
10Folkvang (r)13674/9 (M)
11DotA AR BR Banlist.. (r)13784/9 (M)
12Spectrum14614/9 (M)
13Defiant (r)14704/9 (M)
14Stigma14724/9 (M)
15Nunca Mais Eu Vou ..15583/9 (M)
16Innervision (r)21903/9 (M)
17Alta Cúpula Central (r)26852/9 (M)
18AfterDeath27192/9 (M)
19Raiders of the Storm28172/9 (M)
20The RebørN (r)28232/9 (M)
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