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US-Kel'Thuzad Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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21Probably Naked (r)27973/9 (M)
22Tilted (r)28283/9 (M)
23Song of Storms36891/9 (M)
24Water (r)41201/9 (M)
25Cloud IX (r)42901/9 (M)
26The Felsworn (r)44021/9 (M)
27Reevision4453 9/9 (H)
28Fk it Do it Live4521 9/9 (H)
29Symbiosis4617 9/9 (H)
30Never On Time4688 9/9 (H)
31The Goofy Goobers (r)4801 9/9 (H)
32I Skipped Church t..4811 9/9 (H)
33For the Bracers (r)4971 9/9 (H)
34Ascendance5093 9/9 (H)
35Depleted5985 9/9 (H)
36Aegis (r)6160 9/9 (H)
37But Seriously6173 9/9 (H)
38Royal Militia6254 9/9 (H)
39Nation of Light6420 9/9 (H)
40The Iron Circle6447 9/9 (H)


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