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US-Ragnaros Realm Ranking

PvP Realm

Guild Rankings

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1Unity (r)18311/11 (M)
2Erased Memories (r)30411/11 (M)
3Epic Wipe (r)43211/11 (M)
4Side Effects68911/11 (M)
5HTF (r)93611/11 (M)
6Damage Control114910/11 (M)
7Tilted AF116410/11 (M)
8The Burning Seagull (r)134510/11 (M)
9Crysis (r)139610/11 (M)
10Synergy (r)142410/11 (M)
11Unwipeable (r)142810/11 (M)
12EDEC (r)154210/11 (M)
13Bear With It (r)155310/11 (M)
14Without Elders (r)196810/11 (M)
15We Know Nothing23409/11 (M)
16Disband Theory (r)23919/11 (M)
17Everlasting Vendetta24469/11 (M)
18How to Disband24729/11 (M)
19Hybrid Theory25309/11 (M)
20Miracle (r)25539/11 (M)
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