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US-Zul'jin Mythic Progress

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1vodkaz (r)378/8 (M)
2Might (r)508/8 (M)
3No Pandas (r)1987/8 (M)
4Keep Yourself Safe (r)3066/8 (M)
5Pho (r)3346/8 (M)
6Elusive (r)3556/8 (M)
7Bound (r)4486/8 (M)
8Zero Percent Wipes (r)6635/8 (M)
9DPS Loss (r)6765/8 (M)
10Vigil (r)7325/8 (M)
11Washed Up (r)8355/8 (M)
12Deadbeat Dads (r)8875/8 (M)
13Nox (r)9185/8 (M)
14Dont Die (r)9554/8 (M)
15Vox Nihil (r)9594/8 (M)
16Unlikely Legends (r)9864/8 (M)
17Reformed (r)9914/8 (M)
18Apocolyptic [Main Team]9954/8 (M)
19Delusions of Grand..10004/8 (M)
20Rum Ham10044/8 (M)
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Mythic Uldir

M: Taloc 178 Taloc Mythic videos
M: MOTHER 121 MOTHER Mythic videos
M: Fetid Devourer 13 Fetid Devourer Mythic videos
M: Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth 60 Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth Mythic videos
M: Vectis 35 Vectis Mythic videos
M: Zul, Reborn 7 Zul, Reborn Mythic videos
M: Mythrax the Unraveler 3 Mythrax the Unraveler Mythic videos
M: G'huun 2 G'huun Mythic videos

Heroic Uldir

H: Taloc 413 Taloc Heroic videos
H: MOTHER 402 MOTHER Heroic videos
H: Fetid Devourer 372 Fetid Devourer Heroic videos
H: Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth 303 Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth Heroic videos
H: Vectis 323 Vectis Heroic videos
H: Zul, Reborn 232 Zul, Reborn Heroic videos
H: Mythrax the Unraveler 211 Mythrax the Unraveler Heroic videos
H: G'huun 156 G'huun Heroic videos

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