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US-Zul'jin Realm Ranking

PvE Realm

Guild Rankings

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1vodkaz (r)447/9 (M)
2Might (r)847/9 (M)
3Bound (r)3705/9 (M)
4Pho (r)4935/9 (M)
5Endure (r)5665/9 (M)
6Untold Prophecy (r)6135/9 (M)
7Gag Reflex (r)6185/9 (M)
8Deadbeat Dads (r)6195/9 (M)
9Full Tilt (r)6645/9 (M)
10Inept (r)6835/9 (M)
11Powered by Memes (r)6995/9 (M)
12Stacks In Fire7514/9 (M)
13Passive Cleave (r)8284/9 (M)
14Going in Dryer (r)8754/9 (M)
15Acumen (r)10044/9 (M)
16Zero Percent Wipes (r)10074/9 (M)
17Back In My Day (r)10084/9 (M)
18Heroes Always Get .. (r)13893/9 (M)
19Dawn of the Dead (r)14443/9 (M)
20Invictus17903/9 (M)
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