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Ferbian (Ferbian#2203)

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I'm currently looking for a guild that offers a progressive raiding environment 3 days a week (3 would probably be ideal, 4 is fine for early tier progress) beginning 20:00 PM server time or later. I would like to find a guild that has obtained Cutting Edge in most tiers in Legion, or at the very least a solid level of progress with a good team atmosphere, and who can continue to offer the same in BFA. Activity in the guild outside of raid times would be very welcome as well.

I took a break in Antorus (5/11M) but I hit Cutting Edge in Tomb of Sargeras. I have been raiding mythic at a high level since back in early WoD and I am looking to continue to do so in BFA.

I'm currently Horde on Draenor-EU and I would be willing to transfer realms for the right guild. I'm currently maining as a Holy Paladin and intend to continue doing so in BFA, but would be willing to consider playing a different healing class if absolutely necessary.

Contact info:
Battle-tag: Ferbian#2203
Discord: Ferbian#7185
Ferbian AtomEU-Ragnaros
Ferbian Cute CatsEU-Draenor
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