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Real Name: Borko
Sex: Male
Age: 35 (Jan 6, 1988)
Country: Serbia

WoW Characters

Knindza The GauntletEU-Tarren Mill
Halfeye The GauntletEU-Tarren Mill
NathalieEU-Bronze Dragonflight
StefanieEU-Bronze Dragonflight
BethanieEU-Bronze Dragonflight
DorothieEU-Bronze Dragonflight
TiffanieEU-Bronze Dragonflight
HallieEU-Bronze Dragonflight
KristhieEU-Bronze Dragonflight
IronwishEU-Tarren Mill
GrimprideEU-Tarren Mill
QuicktaskEU-Tarren Mill
KeithieEU-Bronze Dragonflight
WindburnEU-Tarren Mill
CathieEU-Bronze Dragonflight
CheapfuseEU-Tarren Mill
BonepackEU-Tarren Mill
CynthieEU-Bronze Dragonflight
SoulstarEU-Tarren Mill
FrostforceEU-Tarren Mill
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