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Tyff (Tyfa#2783)

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Tyff RevitalizeEU-RavencrestTL;DR:

Looking for 1 day Mythic raid team that takes it's limited time seriously to push as far as they can each tier.


Returning to the game for the right set up if I can find it.

My history this tier is the creation of a guild at the start of Battle fo Azeroth. I ran the guild for the most part and was the GM / Raid leader for the most part until sharing the responsibilities / stepping down near the end of BoDA. We achieved 4/8M Uldir then went on to achieved 8/9M in BoD last tier and this tier I stopped playing the game during some solid progression on Mythic Lady Ashvane.

This was due to time restraints and unfortunately I still can’t meet a 2 day raiding schedule consistently so I stepped away.

Ideally, what I’m looking for if it even exists is a 1 day mythic raid team that gets at least a decent way into the raid each tier with a roster of capable players who simply don’t have the time to commit to anything more hardcore but have the capability to do so.

I’ve mained priest for years as a healer either filling the role as healing leader or raid leader and have recently started to main shadow where I’m starting to see some decent numbers. I’m in no way a show stopping player but I’m a definite team player who has the skill to complete a tier in the right team.

Discord: Luke-Tyf#8301
Bnet: Tyfa#2783

I understand this is a real niche and I’m unlikely to find it but hit me up if you have anything along these lines!

Happy to realm transfer for the right guild.
Tyffa UndiminishedEU-Outland
Tyffu UndiminishedEU-Ravencrest
Tíf NeXtLeVeLEU-Tarren Mill
Kibá UndiminishedEU-Outland
Tyffex UndiminishedEU-Ravencrest
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